Viktor Palmov

Viktor Palmov

Graduated from the Penza Art Institute (1910). Studied at MIPSA under Konstantin Korovin (1911-1914). Traveled to Siberia and the Far East with David Burliuk (1918-1919). Lived in Japan ( 1920-1922) and with Burliuk organized a joint exhibition in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokishama, and Oshima. Lived in Moscow (1922-1925); close to Lef. Moved to Ukraine (1925). Professor at KKhU (1925-1929). Member of ARMU. Co-founder of OSMU (1928). Collaborated with the journal Nova generatsiia [New Generation], which published his manifestoes. Represented at the “Venice Biennale” (1930).

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