David Burliuk

David Burliuk

Attended various high schools in Sumi, Tambov, and Tver’ (1894-1898), Kazan Art Institute (1898-1898 and 1901), Odesa Art Institute (1899-1900 and 1901), studied with Anton Azbe in Munich (1902-1903), and attended Cormon’s Academy in Paris (1904). From the mid-1900s on co-organized and/or contributed to exhibitions, including “Wreath-Stephanos” (Moscow, 1907-1908), “The Link” (Kyiv, 1908), and “Jack of Diamonds” (Moscow, 1910). Burliuk’s father managed an estate in Chernianka (near Kherson), which became a meeting-place of young artists and poets (1907-1913). Hylaea, the ancient name of the locality, became the title of the group which included Velemir Khlebnikov, Aleksei Kruchenykh, Benedikt Livshits, and Vladimir Maiakovsky. Lived in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Iglino (near Ufa) (1908-1917). Coedited the miscellany Sadok sudei (A Trap for Judges) (1910) which marked the beginning of intense publishing activity. Returned to Odesa (1910). Studied at MIPSA (1910-1914), where he met Maiakovsky (both were expelled in 1914). Contributed to the Blaue Reiter exhibition (1911) and the Blaue Reiter almanac in Munich (1912). Married Marii (Marusia) Elenevskaya. Made a Futurist tour of Russia with Vasiiii Kamensky and Maiakovsky (1913-1914). Family moved to the Urals (1915) and back to Moscow (1917). Worked on the movie Not Born for Money with Maiakovsky (1918). Lived in Siberia (1918-1919), Japan (1920-1922), and settled in New York (1922). Published a journal entitled Color and Rhyme (1930-1966).

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