Olexandr Bogomazov

Olexandr Bogomazov

Attended Kherson Agricultural Institute (1896-1902). Attended KKhU (1902); met Exter. Participated in political demonstrations and strikes, for which he was expelled (1905). Moved to Moscow and attended the private art schools of Fedor Rerberg and of Konstantin Yuon and Ivan Dudin. Returned to Kyiv (1907). 1907 onwards contributed to exhibitions, including the “Union of Russian Artists” and “Moscow Society of Independent Artists”. Contributed to the “Link” exhibition in Kyiv (1908). Visited Finland (1911). Taught at a school for the deaf and dumb in Kyiv (1912-1915). Associated with the Moscow Cubo-Futurists (1913-1914). With Exter organized the “Ring” exhibition at the Polytechnic Institute, Kyiv (1914). Elaborated artistic theories, culminating in the book, Iskusstvo zhivopisi [The Art of Painting]. Moved to Geriusy in the Northern Caucasus (1915). Designed agit-transport, including trains; headed the Art Education Section of the All-Ukrainian Visual Arts Committee (1919-1920). Professor at KKhU (1922-1930). Founding Member of ARMU (1927).

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