Petro Andrusiw

Petro Andrusiw

History painter, painter of battle scenes, graphic artist, portraitist, iconographer, art critic, and cultural activist. During 1915-1918, lived in Ryazan, Russia. In 1918, moved to Warsaw, Poland, where he completed his secondary education. From 1927 to 1936, trained at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, pursuing parallel courses of study: easel painting with F. Kowarski and T. Pruszkowski, graphic arts with W. Skoczylas, and pedagogy. His last years of training were supported by L’viv Metropolitan Andrei Sheptyts’kyi. Taught art history and drafting at the Higher School of Building Construction (Warsaw, 1930) and then worked as a secondary school teacher (1936-1944). A co-organizer of the art group “Spokij” [Peace] (1927), he participated in all nine of the exhibitions they sponsored (1928-1936). Member of ANUM. Took part in exhibitions of Ukrainian graphic art in Berlin (1934) and Prague (1935). Worked as an illustrator for various Ukrainian publishers, including “Svit dytyny” [Child’s World], “Nash pryiatel'” [Our Friend], “Dzvinochok” [Little Bell], and “Veselka” [Rainbow], In 1947, emigrated to the United States. Together with P. Mehyk, he organized the Ukrainian Studio of Arts in Philadelphia (1951), where he taught until 1972. Co-founder of OMUA (1956) and member of the editorial staff of “Notatky z mystetstva” [Art Notes], Painted icons for the iconostasis in the village of Gdeshyn [Gdeszyn] in the Kholm region (1940), and designed the interior of the St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Church in Philadelphia. He was also noted for his portraits and military paintings.

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