Olexandr Archipenko

Olexandr Archipenko

Major 20th century artist and protagonist of Cubist sculpture. Attended KKhU (1902-1905) and MIPSA (1906-1907). Contributed to exhibitions (1905 onwards). Moved to Paris ( 1908) and worked closely with artists of the Paris school; met Modigliani and Guillaume Apollinaire among others at the artist colony La Ruche. 

Experimented with sculptural painting (1912). Participated in the “Salon of Independants” (1910-1914) and the “Salon d’automne” (1911-1913 and 1919). Founded a private school and joined the Section d’or group (1912). Exhibited at the Armory show in New York (1913). Moved to USA (1923). Established an art school in Woodstock, New York. Patented “Archipentura” (1927) – “Apparatus for Displaying Changeable Pictures and Method for Decorating Changeable Display”. Became US citizen (1929).

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