Kateryna Antonovych

Kateryna Antonovych

Painter, graphic artist, teacher, children’s book illustrator, and social activist. Wife of D. Antonovych. Studied at the Kharkiv Art School, the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, and the Ukrainian Academy in Kyiv (with V. Krychevs’kyi and M. Boichuk). Studied with master artists in Germany, Switzerland, France, and Italy. Lived in Prague from 1921, where she continued her artistic training at the Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts. Member of the Ukrainian Women’s Association. Worked at the Museum of the Ukrainian Liberation Movement (1927-1944) and on the editorial staff of the children’s magazine Nashym ditiam [For Our Children] in Prague. Headed the Committee on the Ukrainian Children’s Orphanage in Podëbrady (1929-1939). Emigrated to Canada in 1948. Organized a school of painting and drawing in Winnipeg (1952) and remained its director until her death. Participated in exhibitions in Kharkiv, Kyiv, Berlin, Prague, Rome, Winnipeg, Toronto, New York, and Philadelphia. Created an album of regional folk costumes titled Ukrainian Dress (1954). Painted a series of portraits of famous cultural figures, Ukrainian and otherwise (including Bernard Berenson, Mykhailo Hrushevs’kyi, Mykola Sadovs’kyi, and Taras Shevchenko). Worked in various media, producing oil landscapes, pastels, watercolors, and drawings. Designed the logo of Kyiv publishing house “Veselka” [Rainbow] (1917) and illustrated the popular folktale “Ivasyk-Telesyk” [Little Ivan], Her works can be found in museums and private collections in Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Ukraine, and the United States.

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