Dmytro Antonovych

Dmytro Antonovych

Art and theatre historian, graphic artist, teacher, social and political activist, and diplomat. Studied at Kyiv St. Volodymyr University (1895). Lectured on the history of art in the Lysenko School of Music and Dramatic Arts (1912). Published art criticism in Kyiv journals Dzvin [Bell], Kievskaia starina [Kyiv Antiquities], Siaivo [Aura], and Literaturno-naukovyi vistnyk [Literary-Scientific Herald], Co-founder of the Ukrainian Revolutionary Party, Member of the Central Rada [Council], the Ukrainian government of 1917-1918, and served as General Secretary on Navy Matters and as the Minister of Art. Appointed head of the diplomatic mission to Rome during the UNR government. Member of the National Theatre Committee (1917-1919). Emigrated to Prague in 1919, where he became one of the founders of the Ukrainian Free University (1922), serving as its rector (1928-1930,1937-1938) and as professor of art history. Co-organizer of the Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts (1923), the Museum of the Ukrainian Liberation Movement (1925), and the Ukrainian Society of Book Lovers (1927). Headed the Ukrainian Historical and Philological Society (1923-1945). A prolific author of scholarly books, he wrote The Aesthetic Education of Shevchenko (1914), Ukrainian Art (1923), 300 Years of Ukrainian Theatre, 1619-1919 (1925), and Taras Shevchenko as Painter (1937), in addition to monographic studies of artists D. Bezperchyi, T. Boichuk, V. Lepykash, O. Murashko, J. Stanislawski, and others. Designed the book cover to his Short Course on the History of Ukrainian Art (1923).

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