About Library Of Ukrainian Art

Library of Ukrainian Art collects and preserves books about Ukrainian art, published in the 20th century, and information & articles about Ukrainian artists.

Ukrainian art is very unique. It was practically banned during Soviet era by USSR-authorities who affraid of any kind of Ukrainian national self-actualization. Many talented and even world famous artists are still not identified as Ukrainians. A part of modern Ukrainian population has never heard about huge number of artists – native Ukrainians – who lived and created their masterpieces during 20th century.

We proudly present our Exclusive section where visitors can learn about newest discoveries in the world of Ukrainian art.

Library of Ukrainian Art requires considerable efforts, so we would be grateful for any help & assistance you can provide our team. Please contact the founder of Library – Ms Kateryna Lebedieva via email uartlib@gmail.com.

Texts, illustrative materials and books published on the website Library of Ukrainian Art can be used by individuals only with active hyperlink to the Library – i.e. Library of Ukrainian Art.


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For all questions please contact Ms Kateryna Lebedievs +380 67 918 67 36, email: uartlib@gmail.com.