Volodymyr Lasovsky

Volodymyr Lasovsky

Painter, graphic artist, theatre designer, art historian, teacher, and cultural-artistic activist. Studied at the Studio-School of O. Novakivsky (Lviv, 1928-1933) and L’Académie de l’Art Moderne founded in 1924 by F. Léger and A. Ozenfant (Paris, 1933). As a member of UTPM, participated in their 1932 exhibition. He was one of the co-organizers of the youth group “Rub” (1932) and a member of the editorial staff of the art almanac Karby [Markings] (1933). Member of ANUM, which organized his first solo exhibition in 1939. Belonged to the Lviv Professional Union of Plastic Artists (1932-1939) and joined SKhU (1939). Worked at the Institute of Creative Folk Arts in Lviv (1939-1941). President of SUOM from 1941-1942 and participated in their exhibition (1941). Lectured actors on art history in classes organized by stage performers V. Blavatskyi and I. Hirniak. With Z. Tarnawsky, co-founded a marionette theatre. In 1944, emigrated to Austria. Resided temporarily in the international displaced persons camps in Graz and Kufstein and directed amateur theatre in the camps. Also lectured in the camp art school in Landeck. In 1946, moved to Paris, where he headed the Ukrainian Association of Art Patrons. In 1948, moved to Argentina and joined SUNLM; resided in South America until 1958. Co-founded (with lu. Tysand others) the Theatrical Studio in Buenos Aires, where he lectured on art history and worked as a designer and puppeteer, ultimately organizing a puppet theatre. In 1959, moved to the United States and was initiated into NTSh. Became the head of the New York chapter of OMUAand also joined SUMA. His works were shown in international exhibitions in Baden-Baden (1946), Langenargen, München (1947), Canada, and the United States. Carried out the interior décor of St. Volodymyr Church in Paris (1946) and, together with S. Hordynsky, of numerous churches in the United States.

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