Sviatoslav Hordynsky

Sviatoslav Hordynsky

Painter, graphic artist, iconographer, art historian, poet, translator, literary-artistic critic, and cultural activist. Son of literary historian and educator Yaroslav Hordynskyi. Studied at the Studio-School of O. Novakivsky in Lviv (1924-1927). Moved to Berlin in 1927 and audited drawing classes at the Berlin Academy of Art and courses on Ukrainian culture from V. Zalozetskyi at the Ukrainian Scientific Institute (1927-1928). Continued his studies in Paris at the Académie Julian (1928-1931) and L’Académie de l’Art Moderne – a painting studio founded in 1924 by F. Léger and A. Ozenfant (1929-1930). In Paris, exhibited graphic works in the Salon des Indépendants and the Salon des Artistes-Décorateurs at the Grand Palais. Lived in Lviv from 1931-1946. Co-founder of ANUM (1931) and participant in all its exhibitions. Took part in the exhibition of Ukrainian graphics in Lviv (1932), Berlin (1933), Rome, and Prague (1938). Member of SUOM and participant in its 3rd exhibition. In 1944, returned to Germany; became one of the organizers of USOM and took part in its exhibitions in München, Regensburg, and Karlsfeld (1947); co-editor of the journal Ukrainian Art (München, 1947). Lived in the United States from 1947. Head of OMUA (1956-1963). Author of collections of poetry, Colors and Lines (1933) and Words on Stones (1937); an annotated study of the ancient chronicle “Slovo o polku Ihorevim” [The Tale of Ihor’s Campaign] (1936); art monographs on M. Gloutchenko (1934), T. Shevchenko (1942), P. Kovzhun (1944); and a study of H. Kruk, A. Pavlos and M. Mukhyn (1947). Designed ex libris for Ukrainian literati and artists. As a monumentalist, painted murals for over 30 Ukrainian churches in Europe, America, and Australia. He was prolific in putting out book covers typified by a crisp, bright, and cosmopolitan manner, as visible in The Almanach of Left Art (1931). His works can be found in museums and private collections in Berlin, Krakow, New York, and Paris.

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