Ivan Krushelnytsky

Ivan Krushelnytsky

Poet, graphic artist, art historian, and art critic. Son of the author A. Krushelnytskyi. After completing his studies at the universities of Vienna and Prague in 1927, returned to Lviv and taught secondary school in nearby Stryj. Worked for the Lviv-based publishers “Vikna” [Windows] and “Novi shliakhy” [New Paths] (1929-1932) and became the founder and chief editor of Almanakh livoho mystetstva [Almanac of Left Art] (1931). As a result of persecution by Polish authorities, migrated to Soviet Ukraine (1932) and worked for the Ukrainian Scientific-Research Institute of Material Culture in Kharkiv (1932). Belonged to the literary organization “Zakhidnia Ukraina” [Western Ukraine] and the artistic association ZUMO (1931). Blacklisted in 1934, he was executed together with 28 writers, scholars, and cultural activists. His rehabilitation came only in 1958. In addition to a number of literary works, translations, and collections of poetry and plays, authored monographs on contemporary artists S. Hordynsky and H. Narbut. Apart from his covers for the journal Vikna [Windows], also designed domestic kilims and fine art paper.

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