Viktor Cymbal

Viktor Cymbal

Painter, graphic and advertising artist, theatre designer, and community activist. Served in the UNRA during the Ukrainian National Liberation Struggle. During 1920-1922, was interned in prisoner-of-war camps in Poland, specifically tancut, Wadowice, and Kalisz. Studied at the Kyiv Art School with V. Menck (1919); the Prague Higher Industrial Arts School with K. Maek, J. Schusser, and F. Kysela (1923-1928); and the Prague Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts with I. Mozalevsky, K. Stachivsky, and S. Mako (1923). In 1925, received First Prize for the portrait of F. Palacky in a Czechoslovakian national competition. Lived in Buenos Aires (1928-1960) and New York (1960- 1968). His works were shown in exhibitions of Ukrainian graphics in Berlin (1931), Buenos Aires, New York, and Detroit. In 1926, studied theatre arts in the National Theatre in Prague. Member of SUNLM (1949) and a member and exhibitor with OMUA. Renowned as an artist-advertiser. Organized the “Prosvita” [People’s Education and Culture] organization in Argentina (1931) and was one of the founders of the Congress of Ukrainians and the Ukrainian Home. Received gold medals in the field of graphics and industrial advertising (1948, 1949, 1955, 1957). Carried out commissions for the design of official state documents (heralds, emblems, posters, announcements) for the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile.

Artistic director and designer of Ukrainian civic celebrations in the diaspora. In his approach to graphics, he continued the tradition of 17th-century engravers O. and L. Tarasevych, and I. Shchyrskyi. His works can be found in private collections and galleries in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, France, and the United States.

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