Ivan Mozalevsky

Ivan Mozalevsky

Painter, graphic artist, designer, and art historian. Studied at the Kyiv Art School under V. Menck and I. Seleznyov (1908). In 1909, moved to St. Petersburg and continued his schooling in drawing with I. Bilibin and F. Buchholz under the auspices of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (1910-1912). Audited courses on etching taught by V. Mathe at the Academy of Art (1912-1915) and worked as an assistant in the workshop of I. Bilibin (1913). Lived in Ukraine from 1917-1918, and became a member of the Professional Union of Kyiv Artists “Mystetstvo” [Art]. Emigrated to Vienna (1920), where he established a studio of Ukrainian art. Appointed professor of drawing at the Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts in Prague and conducted classes in graphic and applied arts (1923-1929). Lived in Paris for some time (1926-1947), contributed to the newspapers Parizhskii vestnik [Paris Herald], Nash soiuz [Our Union], Ukrains’ki visti [Ukrainian News], Batkivshchyna [Fatherland] (1925-1930), and then returned to the Soviet Union in 1947. Settled in Kyiv, then moved to Moscow, and from 1953, lived in the Crimea and worked in the Simferopol Art Gallery (Museum). Member of ANUM and SKhU. Wrote monographs on K. Korovin, I. Repin, and V. Serov, and a number of essays on the theory of art. Renowned as a master of easel art and of book and applied graphics. Designed the logo of the Ukrainian Free University in Prague (1923) and the Catalogue of the Exhibition of Ukrainian Book Graphics in Prague (1924), in addition to designing Ukrainian currency, stamps, and ex libris.

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