Vasyl Yermylov

Vasyl Yermylov

Attended the Educational and Professional School of Decorative Painting in Kharkiv (1905-1909) and then KKhU and the private studios of Ya. Shteinberg and A Grot in Kyiv (1910-1911). Attended Evgenii Agafonov’s Blue Lily Studio in Kharkiv (1911-1912). Enrolled in MIPSA (1912). With Maria Syniakova, member of the Budiak [Weed] group in Kharkiv (1913-1914). 1918 onwards member of the Kharkiv Futurist group, Union of Seven. Painted mural for the Red Army Club in Kharkiv (1920). Designed the Red Ukraine agit-train (1921). Professor at the Kharkiv Art Technicum (1922-1935). 1928 onwards member of ARMU. Designed the Ukrainian section of the “Press Exhibition” in Cologne. 1920s designer and illustrator of magazines and books such as Novoe mistetstvo [New Art], Avangard [Avant-Garde], and Kul’tura i propaganda [Culture and Propaganda].

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