Volodymyr Tatlin

Volodymyr Tatlin

He was the founder of the world constructivism style. His first art teacher in Kharkiv was D. Bezperchiy. In 1909-1910, he studied at Moscow Arts Sculpture and Architecture School. He was a member of the following unions and exhibited his art at the following exhibitions: 1912 – “Donkey’s Tail”, 1913 – “Jack of Diamonds”, “World of Art”, 1911-1914 – “Youth Union”, 1915 – “Tram V”, 1915-1916 – “0,10”, 1916 – “Shop”.

In 1902 and 1904 he was a sailor and visited France, Syria, Turkey, Morocco, Greece and Italy. In 1914 he went to Berlin and Paris where he met Pablo Picasso. That same year he made an exhibition in his studio called “Synthetic-Static Constructions”, together with an artist from Poltava S. Podgayevskiy. Among other art he exhibited counter-relief artwork there. In 1920, he created a model of the Third International Tower. In 1922, he was one of the initiators of establishment of the State Institute of Arts Culture (DINHUK). In 1918-1919, he taught at State Independent Art Studios, Moscow, in 1919-1924, he was a lecturer in VHUTEMAS, in 1925-1927, he was a professor of Kyiv Arts Institute and in 1927-1930, he taught at VHUTEIN. He participated in design and development of “Letatlin” aircraft.

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