Maria Sinyakova

Maria Sinyakova

Attended Evgenii Agafonov’s Blue Lily Studio (Kharkiv) and the studios of Ilia Mashkov and Fedor Rerberg (Moscow). Member of the Repeinik and Vykus groups in Kharkiv and of the St. Petersburg Union of Youth. Close to Velemir Khlebnikov, who dedicated several poems to her. Coauthor of the Cubo-Futurist manifesto Truba Marsian [Trumpet of the Martians] (Kharkiv, 1916) and member of the Union of Seven. Collaborated on the Co-Futurist book Liren’ [Lyroon] (Kharkiv-Moscow), and illustrated poems by Nikolai Aseev, Grigorii Petnikov, Aleksei Kruchenykh and other avant-garde writers.

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