Yuriy Sinhalevych

Yuriy Sinhalevych

Painter and graphic artist. Studied at the Studio-School of O. Novakivsky in Lviv (1933-1934). During the 1930s, worked in the Credit Bank of Lviv and for the newspaper Dilo [Business]. Meanwhile, played the bandura and toured Galicia as a solo performer. In 1930, produced a recording of his music and songs. During most of World War II, lived in Peremyshl; returned to Lviv in 1944. Worked at the Institute of Folk Arts (1944) and as a resident artist of the puppet theatre (1945-1946). In 1944, founded the Bandura Chorus in Lviv and composed original music and bandura arrangements for traditional Ukrainian songs. Also painted small landscapes and still lifes. His works can be found in private collections.

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