Manuil Shekhtman

Manuil Shekhtman

He studied at Kyiv arts College (1913-1920) and Ukrainian Sate Arts Academy (Mykhailo Boychuk’s monumental arts studio, 1920-1927). He was a member of ARMU. He was one of the artists who made frescos for Peasant Sanatorium at Hajibey Estuary, Odessa (1928). He worked for Amanut Theatrical studio in Kyiv. He was the Art Section Head in Mendel Moykher-Sphorym All-Ukrainian Museum of Jewish Culture in Odessa (1929 – 1932). Since 1934, he lived in Moscow and went to Crimea collective farms where he made landscape paintings. (1930-s). When the World War II began, he volunteered to serve as a member of the home-guard troops. He was killed in military operations near Moscow.

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