Vasyl Sedlyar

Vasyl Sedlyar

He studied at Kyiv Arts College (1916-1917), Ukrainian State Arts Arademy at Mykhailo Boychuk‘s monumental art studio (1917-1922). Since 1925, he was a member of ARMU. He was one of the artists who made frescos in Kyiv Lutsk Red Army barracks (1919) and in Chervonozavodsky Theater building in Kharkiv (1933-1935). He also worked as easel painter and book graphics designer. He was the author of numerous illustrations for Taras Shevchenko’s “Kobzar” (1930 -1931). He was the Director and professor in Mezhygirsky Arts and Ceramics Institute (1922-1930). He worked as ceramics designer. He taught at Kyiv Arts Institute (1935-1936).

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