Borys Plaksiy

Borys Plaksiy

Painter, interior decorator and sculptor. Born August 21, 1937 in Smila, Cherkasy Region, Ukraine. Studied at Dnipropetrovsk Art School and graduated from the State Art Institute in Kyiv (1965). In the 1960s he created decorative murals for various buildings in Kyiv together with A. Horska and V. Zarytsky.

Because he went beyond the confines of Socialist Realism in his depictions and because he signed a political petition, Plaksiy was denied membership in the Union of Artists. He survived by ghost-painting for officially recognized artists and paint­ing privately commissioned portraits. His wood sculptures are in the Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky Memorial Museum in Chernihiv. Plaksiy’s first solo exhibition was held in Toronto in 1991 and a second took place in 1996.

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