Oxana Pavlenko

Oxana Pavlenko

She was a great master of monumental and easel painting, art ceramics and drawing. Fotiy Krasitsky taught her at Kyiv Arts College (1914-1917). Her next teacher at Ukrainian State Arts Academy ( 1917-1918) was Fedir Krychevsky. Then she studied at Mykhaylo Boychuk‘s monumental art studio (1918-1922). She was a member of ARMU since 1925. She taught at Mezhygirsky Arts and Ceramics Institute (1922-1929) and in VHUTEIN. She was one of the artists who made frescos in Kyiv Lutsk Red Army barracks and in Chervonozavodsky Theater building in Kharkiv (1933-1935). Together with Bella Witz, she managed and directed the experimental frescos studio that performed artwork for Soviets Palace building in Moscow during the construction project (1940-1949).

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