Sergiy Parajanov

Sergiy Parajanov

Sergei Iosifovich Paradjanov was born in Tbilisi, Georgia to an Armenian family in 1924. A film director, screen player, theatre director, stage decorator and artist. After directing Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (renamed Wild Horses of Fire for most foreign distributions) Parajanov had become something of an international celebrity and simultaneously a target for Soviet oppression system. Nearly all of his film projects and plans from 1965-1973 got banned, scrapped or closed by film administration, both local (in Kiev and Yerevan) and federal (infamous Goskino), almost without discussion until he was finally arrested in late 1973 for being a homosexual and various other charges. He would stay imprisoned until 1977, despite plethora of pleas for pardon from various esteemed artists. Even after release (he was yet to be arrested for the third and last time in 1982) he was persona non grata in Soviet cinema. He died in Yerevan in 1990.

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