Vadym Meller

Vadym Meller

Attended various schools in Erevan, Tiflis, and Kyiv (1892-1903). Studied law at Kyiv University (1903-1908). Attended KKhU (1905-1908). Published caricatures in the newspaper Kievskaia mysl’ (Kyiv Thought) (1907). Studied at the Akademie der Künste, Munich ( 1908-1912). Studied and exhibited in Paris (1912-1914). Returned to Kyiv and then moved to Moscow (1917). After a short residence in Odesa, moved back to Kyiv, working in Alexandra Exter‘s Workshop of Art and Design (1918-1919). Contributed designs to the anniversary celebrations of the Revolution. Collaborated with Bronislava Njinska, producing costume designs for her ballets such as Mephisto, Valse and Fear. Designer for the Shevchenko Theater, Kyiv (1921-1923), the Breezil’ Theater in Kyiv (after 1922), including productions of Jimmy Higgins (1922) and Destruction of the Squadron (1933), and for movies (1924-1925). Represented at the “Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs”, Paris (1925). Moved to Kharkiv with the Breezil’ Theater (1925-1926). Book illustrator (mid-1920s). Chief designer for the Kyiv Theater of Musical Comedy (1948) and the Franko Theater, Kyiv (1953-1959).

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