Petro Mehyk

Petro Mehyk

Graphic artist, painter, art historian, community activist, and teacher. Studied easel painting with K. Tichy, B. Lenart (1921-1925) and the decorative arts with E. Trojanowski (1925-1928) at the Warsaw Academy of Arts. Taught drawing, three-dimensional modeling, and art history in the Applied Arts School and the School of Carpentry-Construction in Warsaw (1928-1944); also taught at the University of Warsaw (1925-1939). He was one of the organizers of the Warsaw art group “Spokij” [Peace] and participated in 13 of its exhibitions. Took part in the following Lviv exhibitions: the 4th exhibition of HDUM (1926), the UTPM exhibitions of 1931 and 1933, the 4th ANUM exhibition, the retrospective exhibition of Ukrainian art (1935), and the exhibitions of SUOM (1942, 1943). Moved to Germany and worked in the military industrial factory in Rothenburg (1944-1945); after the war, lived in displaced persons camps (1945-1949). Joined USOM and participated in USOM-sponsored exhibitions in Ansbach, München, and Nürnberg. Participated in Ukrainian graphics shows in Berlin, Prague, and Chicago. In 1949, emigrated to the United States, moved to Philadelphia, and (with P. Andrusiw) founded the Ukrainian Art Studio, where he lectured and later became director. Served on the executive committee of OMUA. One of the founders and editors of the émigré art journal Notatky z mystetstva [Notes on Art] (1963), as well as author and compiler of an album-catalogue titled A Book on the Creative Activity of Ukrainian Artists Outside the Homeland (1981). Wrote articles on art history in Ukrainian and Polish. His works can be found in museums and private collections in Rome, Ukraine, and the United States – specifically, at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York.

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