Antin Maliutsa

Antin Maliutsa

Painter, graphic artist, monumentalist, art historian, and critic. Son of a clergyman. Studied in Lviv at the Studio-School of O. Novakivskyi (1926-1930) and at the Institute of Plastic Arts, while concurrently studying graphic art with L. Tyrowicz at the Polytechnic Institute (1935-1939). He was an instructor at the Ukrainian State Industrial Arts School in L’viv (1941-1944), exhibited with UTPM (1932, 1933, 1934), and was a member of “Rub” (1935). Participated in the major retrospective exhibition of Ukrainian art (Lviv, 1935) and also exhibited works at SUOM (1941, 1942). At the end of 1944, emigrated to Germany and, as a member of USOM participated in sponsored exhibitions in displaced persons camps. In Germany after the war, studied archaeology, ethnography, and philosophy at the Ukrainian Free University in München and wrote a dissertation on aesthetics. In 1950, moved to the United States, became an executive member of OMUA (1952), and joined the Literary-Artistic Club and NTSh. In the 1930s, together with S. Lutsyk, designed the interior of churches and chapels in the Ukrainian villages of Luka, Zoloch, and Toky. In addition to painting, experimented with various techniques of print graphics, especially engraving. As a critic, published exhibition reviews of Ukrainian art shows in Germany and the United States. Most of his works are in museums and private collections in the United States.

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