Robert Lisovsky

Robert Lisovsky

Graphic artist, painter, book illustrator, designer of kilims and monuments, teacher. Studied with O. Slastion and R. Pelshe at the Myrhorod Applied Arts School named after N. Gogol and at the Kyiv Art School under O. Murashko (1910-1914). Attended the Ukrainian Academy of Arts (first in the monumental painting workshop of M. Boychuk, then under H. Narbut, 1917-1920). Moved to Lviv (1921-1922) and exhibited in the 2nd exhibition of HDUM. Migrated to Poland and then Germany, where he studied at the Berlin Academy of Arts (1927-1929). Moved to Czechoslovakia and taught graphics and applied arts at the Prague Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts (1929— 1945). Lived briefly in Italy and spent a long period in England (from 1945), before moving to Switzerland in 1976. He was one of the organizers of the underground activity of “Plast” Ukrainian Scouts (1934-1939) and a longtime member of ANUM, with whom he exhibited. Acted as community representative in the Union of Ukrainians of Great Britain (1948-1960). Renowned for his designs of ex libris, printers’ fonts, trademarks, stamps, and commercial graphics. Exhibited in Prague, London, Rome, and Geneva. His works can be found in museums and other public and private collections in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, England, France, Switzerland, and the United States.

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