Borys Kriukow

Borys Kriukow

Painter, portraitist, landscapist, graphic artist, mosaicist, theatre designer, and teacher. Studied at the Kyiv Art School under F. Krychevsky and graduated in 1918. Taught at the Kamianets-Podilskyi Industrial Arts Technicum until 1923, and then designed for the Kyiv Shevchenko Theatre of Opera and Ballet (1923-1941). Between 1920 and 1930, illustrated over 500 books of writings by B. Antonenko-Davydovych, C. Dickens, I. Franko, O. Ivanenko, A. Pushkin, and T. Shevchenko. Worked for the children’s book publishing house “Dytvydav” and the DVU Publishing House, among others. From 1943, lived in Lviv and Krakow (and for some time in Austria). Emigrated to Argentina in 1948. There, he designed series of the classics published by “El Ateneo”. Also worked with the publishing house “Atlantida” and several Ukrainian publishers in Latin America. Member of SUNLM (Argentina, 1948). His works were exhibited in Lviv, Kyiv, Madrid, Toronto, and New York. In the 1950s, had annual solo shows in prestigious galleries in Buenos Aires. Worked mainly in the genres of portraiture and landscape. In 1967, executed a mosaic in the sanctuary of the Ukrainian Cathedral in Buenos Aires.

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