Yuriy Kozak

Yuriy Kozak

Painter, illustrator, designer, sculptor, mosaicist, church muralist, and stained glass artist. Born December 14, 1933 in Stryj, Ukraine; died January 29, 2000 in Clarkston, Michigan, USA. He was the son of Edward Kozak. He graduated from the Center for Creative Studies (1951-55) in Detroit and taught there. He worked as a church muralist and decorator for Andrew Maglia Studios and then as a sculptor for General Motors Corporation. He executed illustrations for “Veselka” and other publications.

Starting in 1965 he participated, together with his father and from 1968 with his younger brother, Yarema, in annual exhibits in Hunter, New York. In the 1970s and 1980s he exhibited with his father and brother Vn the USA and Canada. The Ukrainian Canadian Art Foundation commissioned him to paint the monumental Baptism of Rus Ukraine in 1988.

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