Anatol Kolomyiets

Anatol Kolomyiets

Born February 12, 1927 in Kobeliaky, Poltava Oblast, Ukraine. Painter, graphic artist, and iconographer. Attended St. Luke’s Institute (1948-52) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Liege, Belgium (1952-53). Arrived in the USA in 1953 in order to create the iconostasis of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of St. Mary in Milwaukee (1954). Painted the icons for Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Chicago (1960s).

He was co-founder of the young Ukrainian artists’ group “Monolith” in Chicago (1954-56). Worked at Newman Studio as a graphic designer and illustrator for the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune (1960-1990). There have been 33 solo exhibitions in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, Philadelphia, Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles.

His paintings are in galleries and private collections in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, USA, and Ukraine.

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