Graphic artist, monumental painter, stained-glass artist, muralist, and illustrator of animals. Son of painter Petro Kholodny, Sr. Served in the UNRA (1920) during the Ukrainian National Liberation Struggle. Studied at the Prague Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts with S. Mako (1926-1927) and at the Warsaw Academy of Art with M. Kotarbinski (1928— 1934), where he also taught drawing and tempera technique beginning in 1935. Member of, and exhibitor with, HDUM (1922). Belonged to the Warsaw group of Ukrainian artists “Spokij” [Peace]. Emigrated to the United States in 1950 and joined OMUA in 1952. Exhibited works in Warsaw, Prague, Lviv, Brussels, Rapperswil (Switzerland), Berlin, Budapest, New York, among other places. An extensive retrospective exhibition of his work was held at the Ukrainian Institute of America in New York (1977). Wrote icons for Ukrainian churches in France and the United States, including the Orthodox Cathedral in New York, and churches in Bound Brook, New Jersey, and Hunter, New York. His works can be found in Ukrainian institutions, museums, and private collections.

Ukrainian Artists

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