Vasyl Khmeliuk

Vasyl Khmeliuk

Painter, graphic artist, poet. Served in UNRA during the Ukrainian National Liberation Struggle. Studied at the Krakow Academy of Art under W. Jarocki (1921— 1923), and in Prague, at Charles University (1926— 1927) and under S. Mako at the Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts (1928). Moved to Paris in 1928 and joined the “Paris Group” of Ukrainian artists. Gained renown as a painter-colorist in Paris circles. Though abroad, collaborated with ANUM and exhibited in its 1st exhibition in 1931. In 1932, his works appeared in a solo exhibition at the gallery “Jeune Europe” in Paris. His works were also shown in the “Exhibition of Paintings of the Paris Group with the Participation of Invited French and Italian Artists” (1933) and in the “Retrospective Exhibition of Ukrainian Art of the Last Thirty Years” (1935). From 1932 to 1939, he exhibited in twelve shows, including eight individual exhibitions in galleries in Marseilles, London, and Warsaw, as well as a large retrospective exhibition in the Gale-rie Durand-Ruel (Paris, 1972).

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