Nil Khasevych

Nil Khasevych

Graphic artist and painter. Moved to Warsaw in 1925. Studied graphics with W. Skoczylas and painting with L. Bonaventura at the Warsaw Academy of Art (1926-1934). During World War II, served in UPA and worked for the newspaper Volyn and the military journal Dozbroi [To Arms], published by the political section of the Chief Command of UPA for the Volyn’ region. Cofounded the Warsaw Ukrainian artists’ group “Spokij” [Peace] and participated in its exhibitions (1927-1937). In 1939, “Spokij” published a study of his ex libris. Member of ANUM; contributed to its 4th exhibition (1934). Participated in the large retrospective exhibition of Ukrainian art (Lviv, 1935). Took part in the exhibitions of Ukrainian graphics in Prague (1924), Berlin (1933), and Rome (1938); in the international exhibition of block-printing in Warsaw; as well as international exhibitions in Chicago and Los Angeles. Joined SUOM in 1942. Painted in oil and tempera and produced book graphics, primarily using the techniques of block-printing and linocut. Designed bookplates, military insignia and emblems, especially medals of honor for UPA, and a series of agit-postcards for OUN. He was executed by the NKVD. His works can be found in museums and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

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