Mykola Kasperovych

Mykola Kasperovych

Friend and student of Mykhailo Boychuk. Received his primary art education in Moscow. Attended Krakow Art Academy under Yu. Pankevich and received a silver medal (1905-1909). Member of the Ukrainian community in Paris (1909); with Boichuk delivered a lecture on the “Past and Present of Ukrainian Art.” Invited to join the International Union of Artists and Writers (1910). Participated in the “Salon des Independants” (1910). With Boichuk visited Italy (1910). Worked as an icon conservationist at the National Museum in Lviv (1911). Worked in Kyiv and Chernigov as a painter and conservationist. Taught special courses for teachers of drawing and sculpture at the Mirgorod School of Art and Ceramics (until 1921). Professorat USAA (after 1921), also heading the conservation workshop at the State Cultural and Historic Preserve in Kyiv (1927-1930). Worked as a conservationist at the Kharkiv Historical Art Museum ( 1928) and at the Kyiv museums of Russian, Western, and Eastern art(1935-1937). Helped conserve the iconostasis of the Kyiv Kirillov Church (12th century), which had been restored in 1884 -1885 by Mikhail Vrubel’ (1935).

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