Yaroslav Fartukh-Filevych

Yaroslav Fartukh-Filevych

Graphic artist, painter, architect, and interior designer. Son of a clergyman. Served in the Ukrainian Galician Army in the first years of World War I. In 1922, together with captured artists lu. Butsmaniuk and I. Ivanets’, was interned in Josefov, Czechoslovakia, where the first exhibition of artists from internment camps took place in 1923. In Prague, studied in the department of engineering and architecture at the Polytechnic Institute (1921-1926) and atthe Ukrainian Studio of Plastic Arts with I. Kulec (1923). Worked for the architect K. Bibr in the architectural firm of F. Roith (1927-1928). From 1929, worked as an architect in design institutes in Lviv. Member of ANUM (1932), one of the founders of SAU (1941). In the 1930s, designed housing structures and churches built in Ukraine and Poland, including the National Home and Theatre in Drohobych, and secondary schools in Sokal and in the resort village of Cherche (Rohatyn region, Ivano-Frankivs’k oblast’). Worked for the publishing houses “Svit dytyny” [Children’s World], “Rukh” [Movement], and “Knyhospilka” [Book Union]. Most of his works have not survived; only a small selection can be found in private collections and museums in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Ukraine.

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