Iconographer, monumentalist, graphic designer, and teacher. Born into the family of a church builder. Served in the UNRA (1918-1924); held as a prisoner of war in Kalisz, Poland (1924). Returned to Kyiv in 1925, and studied at the Studio-School of O. Novakivsky in Lviv (1925-1927). Took private lessons in tempera painting from P. Kholodnyi. In 1927, supported by a stipend from Lviv Metropolitan Andrei Shep-tytskyi, traveled to Rome, Dresden and Venice. Studied monumental mural painting in Paris at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et Métiers (1928-1929) and participated in exhibitions at the Salon des Indépendants and the Association of French Artists at the Grand Palais. His first solo exhibition took place in 1926 in Kolomyia. Taught religious art at the Studite Monastery in Lviv (1930-1933). Teacher of lu. Mokrytskyi. In 1932-1933, completed work on the polyptych and stained glass (designed by P. Kholodnyi, Sr.) for the Dormition Church in Lviv. During the 1930s, worked on a series of portraits of state leaders (Kyiv-Rus’ princes and Cossack hetmans) commissioned by la. Makohon. Participated in group shows, such as the 1st UTPM exhibition (1931), the exhibition of Ukrainian art in Warsaw (1934), and the major retrospective exhibition of Ukrainian art (L’viv, 1935). As a member of ANUM, USOM, and SUOM, participated in their exhibitions of 1941 and 1942. Emigrated to Vienna in 1943.

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