Painter, graphic artist, caricaturist. Studied in Lviv at the Industrial Arts School and the Studio-School of O. Novakivsky (1924-1929). Participated in exhibitions organized by O. Novakivsky in Lviv (1926, 1928, 1929) and throughout Galicia in the 1930s. Served on the editorial staff of the art almanac Karby [Markings] (1933) and also worked as an illustrator for other Lviv publications; designed the bi-weekly journal Nazustrich [At the Waypoint] and published caricatures in the satirical-humorist journals Komar [Mosquito] and Zyz [Cross-Eye]. Participated in the major retrospective exhibition of Ukrainian art (Lviv, 1935) as well as the exhibition of contemporary Ukrainian artists (1940). His oil paintings display a Symbolist aesthetic. Member of ANUM (1931) and “Rub” (1932); took part in their exhibitions, as well as those of the UTPM. He was repressed and executed by the NKVD. His works are found mostly in private collections.

Ukrainian Artists

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