Mykola Bytynskyi

Mykola Bytynskyi

Art critic, painter, graphic artist, designer of heraldic insignia, poet, and teacher. Son of a clergyman. Completed pedagogical courses in Kam’ianets’-Podil’s’kyi, where he also studied at the Industrial Arts School. Served with the UNRA from 1918-1920 and was interned as a prisoner of war at Szczepiorno and Kalisz (Poland). Moved to Prague in 1923 and completed the M. Drahomanov Ukrainian Higher Pedagogical Institute (1928). Undertook private courses in graphic techniques and heraldry and joined the editorial staff of the military and social journal Hurtuymosia [Let’s Gather] (1932-1935). Taught in Transcarpathia prior to World War II. In 1945, emigrated to Germany, and then, in 1951, to Canada. Taught Ukrainian art history. Became a member of USOM and was affiliated with the Ukrainian Heraldic and Genealogical Association. Authored a book of poems, V hromi i buri [In Thunder and Storm] (1923); one of ballads, Suziria lytsariv [Constellation of Heroes]; a scholarly study titled “Kozak Heraldry” (unpublished), and Military Insignia of the Ukrainian National Army (1932). Designed state emblems for the UNRA and for the Hetmanate government. Author of Album of Coats-of-Arms from Ukrainian Lands (includes 32 folio illustrations); Coats-of-Arms of Ukrainian Hetmans (incl. 20 folios); Uniforms of the Ukrainian Army during the Period of Struggle for Liberation 1917-1921 (incl. 186 folios). Painted icons for churches in Canada and the United States; designed architectural projects and funerary monuments. Created cover designs for S. Rusova’s New Methods in Pre-School Education and N. Hordash-Diachenkova’s Solo Singing. The majority of his works are housed in the Slovanska knihovna [Slavonic Library] of the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague.

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