27 of 30 existing issues of the legendary diaspora magazine Ukrainian Art Digest have been scanned. This illustrated edition had been released by “The Union of Ukrainian artists in America, Philadelphia department” within the period since 1963 to 1991. It was a yearly edition containing articles on the history of the Ukrainian Art, biographies of the Ukrainian artists, reviews on artistic events, exhibitions and books, news on art and other analytic materials. Petro Mehyk (1899-1992) took the lead and became a managing editor of the issue. Petro Andrusiw, Mykhailo Dmytrenko, Vasyl Doroshenko, Stepan Rozhok, Maria Strutinska, Volodymyr Shiprikevich were members of the editorial board at different times.

All 30 issues consist of more than 2000 pages. The first number of the magazine had 48 pages, the second one had 52 of them, the third 68, the numbers from the fourth to 12th had 72 pages, the last numbers from the 13th to the 30th had 80 pages each.

The circulation was growing too: from 500 copies of the first four numbers and 750 copies of the 5th number to 1000 copies of the rest of the publication (27750 copies in all).400 names of the artists who worked both in Ukraine and abroad had been mentioned in the magazine.

At present Ukrainian Art Digest is considered to be a bibliographical rarity and a priceless source of information on the Ukrainian Art. The unique memoirs of the artists and rare reproductions had been published in the issue, among them some articles on the graphic art, arhitecture, textile art, iconography etc. The writers for the issue also were Jacques Hnizdovsky, Sviatoslav Hordynsky, Yevhen Blakitniy, Volodymyr Popovich, Oleksa Povstenko, Vadim Pavlovskiy, Damian Hornyatkevych.

We would like to give to the public a complete virtual presentation of the magazine but the numbers 1,7,17 are missing. If you have any information on the missing numbers, please, let us know. Our electronic address is uartlib@gmail.com.