On December 3, in the Pavlo Tychyna Literary Memorial Museum-Apartment, the presentation of the album of naive art was held. God knows is the work of the unknown Ukrainian artist of the middle of the 20th century, Mishchenko.

The event’s organizers were the Library of Ukrainian Art and the independent publishing house Hyperthelia.

A 40 minutes performance of bandura duet Anastasia Reshetnyak and Helen Nemish singing Ukrainian folk songs, a vogue dance performance by Nik  Ovcharenko and Nazar Sheshuryak perfomance “Folk / chthonic” took place.

Video for the song “Oh, I’m in the woods of the valley”:

There was also a lecture by Nazar Sheshuryak entitled “Folk Art in the New Middle Ages”. “When I talk about folk art, it’s not about vyshyvanka and kolomyiks, but about any acts of amateur, non-institutionalized creation, – the lecturer emphasized. – The most interesting things happen outside the institutions: retirees who adorn their entrances with pictures cut from magazines – it’s an act of folk art, graffiti is a folk art, tattoo is a folk art, samizdat is a folk art”.

Video recording of lecture:

Leave an order for the album “God knows” at the store of the Library of Ukrainian Art.