A set of postcards by Maria Primachenko

Leningrad, Aurora Art Publishers, 1979. 18 pages.

Leningrad, Aurora Art Publishers, 1979. 18 pages.

The unique art of Maria Primachenko (1908-1997), a peasant woman from the Kievan village of Bolotnia, shows a successful blend of natural talent, an overwhelming desire to create beauty and a sensitive perception of reality. The complex world of her images springs both from her own imagination and from the entire system and content of Ukrainian folk poetry. Though Primachenko had never studied art, her pictorial flair for bringing to life ideas, feelings and impressions gradually ripened into true mastery. Exhibitions of her works have proved tremendously popular in Moscow, Poland, Bulgaria, France and Canada. Picasso once said after visiting a Primachenko exhibition in Paris: “I bow down before the artistic miracle of this brilliant Ukrainian.”

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