The Library of Ukrainian Art has started “Ukrainian Women`s Photography” project. The first edition of this project is a photobook Sophia Yablonska. Photos.

Sophia Yablonska (1907-1971) is a traveller, a writer, a documentary filmmaker, the only one Ukrainian woman who travelled in 1930`s across Asia and other exotic regions. This photobook is the first represention of Sophia Yablonska as a photographer. On her photos Morocco, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, islands of French Polynesia and their inhabitants appear in their pristine beauty.

The book “Sophia Yablonska. Photos” contains 107 photos of 1930th. The edition is implemented by the Library of Ukrainian Art and Publisher Oleksandr Savchuk. The book is published both in Ukrainian and English. It is available in two variants of cover: with the portrait of the beauty from Bali or with a landscape with palms.

The circulation is 100 copies. You can order the book here.