Yevhen Sahaidachny

Yevhen Sahaidachny

Attended SPAA (1905). After 1909 participated in avant-garde exhibitions, including “Union of Youth” (St. Petersburg, 1911), and “Donkey’s Tail” (Moscow, 1912). Visited Italy, Greece, Turkey (1910-1912). Worked as stage designer (1911-1918). Studied at USAA (191 7-1920). Taught drawing and composition and also took sculpture lessons at the Gogol Art and Technical School in Mirgorod (1920-1922). 1923 onwards taught at the Kyiv Art and Industrial School and at the Mezhigorod Art and Ceramics College. 1932 onwards taught at art schools in Lugansk, Dnepropetrovsk, and Nezhin. 1946 Visited Kosov (now Ivan-Frankovskaya Region) (1946). Book designer and collector of Ukrainian folk art.

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