Myroslav-Danylo Nimciv

Myroslav-Danylo Nimciv

Architect and architectural historian, painter, graphic artist, and theatre designer. Studied architecture at the Lviv Polytechnic Institute (1929-1937). During World War II, served as an assistant in the architectural faculty of the Polytechnic. Continued his studies in Vienna at the Meisterschule für Architektur (1945-1946), administered by the Preussichen Akademie der Künste in Berlin where he studied from 1945-1947. Designed for the Vienna State Theatre from 1946-1947. In 1948, emigrated to the United States. Worked in architectural firms in New Jersey and California and became a member of the American Institute of Architects (1962). Named an honorary member of SAU in 1992. Designed interiors for Ukrainian churches, including St. Andrew’s Orthodox Church and the Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family in Washington, D.C.; St. Nicholas Church, New York; the Cathedral of Archangel Michael in Philadelphia; the Church of the Blessed Mother of God in Lourdes, France; and three cathedrals in Brazil (in Bragantina, Itapary, and Campo Murao). Wrote icons in the traditional manner using tempera. Authored several theoretical studies on the history of architecture, including “Literary Architecture 1962-1992”, “Architecture and the Visual Arts” (1990), and “Urban planning: Lviv-Vienna 1941-1946” (1992). His paintings can be found in the Patriarchal Museum in Rome, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, and in private collections.

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