Ivan Kavaleridze

Ivan Kavaleridze

Attended KKhll under Fedor Balavensky and then SPAA under ll’ia Ginzburg (1909-1910). Visited Naum Aronson’s studio in Paris (1910-1911). 1927 onwards contributed to exhibitions. Earlier works included Portrait of Fyodor Chaliapine (1909). Worked as a make-up artist for local theaters (1911-1915), including dramatizations of Anna Karenina (1914) and War and Peace (1915). After the October Revolution contributed to Lenin’s Plan of Monumental Propaganda (1918-1920), designing statues to Taras Shevchenko (1918 in Romni and 1925 in Poltava), Fighters of the Revolution (1922 in Lokhovitsa, Poltava Region), and Artem (1924 in Artemovsk City). Member of ARMU. Late 1920s screenwriter and movie director, including Rain (1929), Natalka Poltavka (1936), and Giogorii Skovoroda (1972). Worked primarily on portraits of cultural and historical celebrities and genre scenes (1940-1950).

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