Illustrations of Jacques Hnizdovsky to the Myths of Ancient Greece

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 The early works of famous Ukrainian graphic

Jacques Hnizdovsky – one of those artists who are more known in the West, particularly the US, but not in Ukraine. He received world recognition back in 1960. His sophisticated graphic works are surprisingly modern even for nowadays. One of the most famous artist prints – woodcutting “Sheep” (1961) – is a symbol of the new 2015 year.

Works of Hnizdovsky from 1961 to 1963 decorated the office of US President John F. Kennedy in the White House.

Library of Ukrainian Art exclusively presents unknown illustrations by Jacques Hnizdovsky from the book “Ancient Legends”, published in 1938 in Lviv. The author is Nathaniel Havsorn, translation from English was made by M.Stahovskiy. Unfortunately book cover has not survived the time. But all 10 drawings, some with the signature of Hnizdovsky, are available in great condition .

The “Ancient Legends” contains two ancient Greek myths: “Three Golden Apples” and “Golden Touch”. The first story follows the adventures of Hercules. Mr. Hnizdovsky had created seven illustrations to the story. He also made three illustrations to “Golden Touch” myth – the story of King Midas.

Early drawings of Hnizdovsky are valuable and important to the art world, because help to see the development process of the artist’s style. Jacques Hnizdovsky was only 23 years old when he made illustrations to the “Ancient Legends” but we can see the impressive mastery of performance and artistic excellence in this images.