Evmen Pshechenko`s works from The National Decorative Art Museum

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 Ukrainian Decorative art of 1920s

As time goes by the we are gitting more and more away from definition of “decorative art”. The art of the past is united and indivisible. Some of old masters are classics, some are avant-gardists. And there are folk’s talents: Maria Prymachenko, Kateryna Bilokur, Tetyana Pata, Nadiya Bilokin, Paraska Homa, Hanna Sobachko, Fedir Panko and many others.

Among them stand name of Evmen Pshechenko. Some of his works can be seen in the permanent exhibition of the The National Folk Decorative Art Museum in Kiev Pechersk Lavra. In the museum’s fonds there are more of his drawings. The most interesting of them are exclusively presented below by uartlib.org to its visitors.

Evmen Pshechenko began to draw almost by accident – helping his wife with the sketches for embroidery. The artist created a unique Ukrainian art style. Painted in gouache, inspired by embroidery patterns, mostly unnamed (signed only as “Decorative panel”) – his works show an impressive, original, fairy-tale master and bright artist.

The variety of fantastic creatures and atypical composition make Pshechenko’s art close to modern animation. Pshechenko`s works are rich with ornaments and color extravaganza elements. And most importantly, they burst you with incredible optimism. It is especially important, taking into account how controversial life was in the 1920s in Ukraine, where the artist has created most of his works. Art of  Evmen Pshechenko is amazing, aesthetic and still actually modern.