Beauty of stone: The photos of the tomb stones of Stare Brusno style

Exclusive by Ukrainian Art Library

The photos of the tomb stones of Stare Brusno style

The ethnic Ukrainian territories which were joined to Poland according the treaties signed after the end of WWII got a name of Zakerzonia. The Ukrainians were forced to move to Ukraine.

The old village of stare Brusno situated there was an important centre of art of stone. The tomb stones made by local masters have been found on the both sides of the Ukrainian Polish border cemeteries from Krakow to Lviv.

The cemetery of Podemszczyzna where the photos have been taken for our special project is the place have been kept in their original and natural form. May be, if the Ukrainians had lived there up to now, they would have changed the tomb stones for new ones. All of those tomb stones were created by the masters of so called “brusnivska kameniarka”, local school of art, founded on the basis of local deposits of limestone in 16 century. The folk masters made millstones, whetstones and tombstones.

The art historians divide their tombstones in some groups: grave stones, crosses on base, crucifixes, crucifixes on pedestal. Are known some masters` names: Petro Zubitsky, Grygorii Galaburda, Ivan Kosmyna, Andrii Zaharko, Grygorii Grabovich, brothers Ivan and Dmytro Pidgorodetsky, brothers Andrii, Ivan and Grygorii Kuznievitch.

Grygorii Kuznievitch studied art in Lviv and Rome, then worked in the USA. After coming back to Stare Brusno at the end of WWI he taught other masters and introduced new forms of decoration. They started to imitate wooden crosses with all the details proper to wood, decorate crosses with stone flowers and ribbons.

The monuments got richer and more sophisticated look. In our time, with a touch of long years, the stone tomb sculptures of the cemetery in Podemszczyzna appear as a garden of stone images in a wild wood. Photos can express the magic beauty of the place only partially.

The photos of the tomb stones of Stare Brusno style

30 exclusive photos from the cemetery of Podemszczyzna by Ukrainian Art Library