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Vasyl Yermylov and Constructivism

The Constructivist idea fell on fertile soil in Ukraine - especially in Kharkiv, the new capital after the Revolution. Given ... Read More

The Ukrainian Avant-Garde

Implicit in the paradigm of Western modernism is the notion that the avant-garde movement is predicated on a radical reversal ... Read More

Mykola Nedilko: Biographical sketch

Mykola Nedilko, the son of Semen Nedilko and Sophia nee Murashko, was born on Nov. 23, 1902 in the village ... Read More

Yulian Butsmanyuk and his murals of the Church of the Basilian Fathers in Zhovkva

Yulian Butsmanyuk is a truly fascinating and extraordinary artist, born to face the sorrows and joys of life’s colourful palette ... Read More

Old Books Printed in Lviv

Besides being the cradle of Ukrainian book-printing, Lviv used to be the major breeding ground for book-publishing. Thousands of books ... Read More

Ukrainian Folk Glassware

Since ancient times the Ukraine has been renowned for its master glassmen, and their wares have been used by all ... Read More

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