Ukrainian Artists

Sviatoslav Hordynsky
Painter, graphic artist, iconographer, art historian, poet, translator, literary-artistic critic, and cultural activist ... Read More
Mykola Rokitsky
Ukrainian painter ... Read More
Kazimir Malevich
Ukrainian painter and art theoretician. He was a pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the avant-garde Suprematist ... Read More
Kostiantyn Piskorsky
Painter and graphic artist; son of Volodymyr Piskorsky ... Read More
Volodymyr Balas
Graphic artist, printmaker, designer, painter ... Read More
Ivan Padalka
Painter, muralist, and graphic artist ... Read More
Manuil Shekhtman
Ukrainian painter ... Read More
Michael Osinchuk
Ukrainian iconographer and painter ... Read More
Mykola Nedilko
Painter and stage designer ... Read More
Vasyl Masiutyn
Sculptor, painter, graphic artist, maker of medallions, ex libris designer, writer ... Read More
Natalia Gerken-Rusova
Cinema and theatre designer, graphic artist, art historian and theorist ... Read More
David Burliuk
Ukrainian painter, internationally renowned as the "father of Futurism" ... Read More
Edward Kozak
Painter, caricaturist, illustrator, film animator, graphic artist, and writer ... Read More
Oleksa Novakivsky
Ukrainian graphic artist, painter and pedagogue ... Read More
Ivan Mozalevsky
Painter, graphic artist, designer, and art historian ... Read More
Maria Dolnicka
Enamelist, inventor of “string” and metal-mesh enameling ... Read More
Vasyl Krychevsky
Ukrainian painter, architect, art scholar, graphic artist, master of applied art and decorative art ... Read More
Mykola Kasperovych
Active in monumental and studio painting as well as conservation ... Read More
Vasyl Sedlyar
Ukrainian painter and graphic artist ... Read More
Mykola Hlushchenko
Ukrainian artist, winner of the Shevchenko National Prize in 1972 ... Read More
Maria Sinyakova
She illustrated poems by Nikolai Aseev, Aleksei Kruchenykh and other avant-garde writers ... Read More
Omelian Mazuryk
Painter and iconographer ... Read More
Dmytro Antonovych
Art and theatre historian, graphic artist, teacher, social and political activist, and diplomat ... Read More
Fedir Krychevsky
Ukrainian early modernist painter. He was the brother of graphic designer Vasyl Krychevsky ... Read More
Antin Maliutsa
Painter, graphic artist, monumentalist, art historian, and critic ... Read More
Pavlo Kovzhun
Graphic artist, art historian, editor ... Read More
Anatol Petrytsky
Major contributor to modern Ukrainian stage design. Participated in the Venice Biennale (1930) ... Read More
Lev Getz
Painter, graphic artist, teacher, cultural activist, museum director ... Read More
Vasyl Yermylov
Ukrainian painter, avant-garde artist and designer ... Read More
Mykhailo Boychuk
Ukrainian painter, most commonly known as a monumentalist ... Read More
Painter, graphic artist, and sculptor ... Read More
Leonid Perfecky
Painter of battle scenes ... Read More
Mykola Bytynskyi
Art critic, painter, graphic artist, designer of heraldic insignia, poet, and teacher ... Read More
Petro Andrusiw
History painter, painter of battle scenes, graphic artist, portraitist, iconographer, art critic, and cultural activist ... Read More
Serhiy Vasylkivsky
One of the most popular Ukrainian artists at the turn of the 20th century ... Read More
Anatol Kolomyiets
Painter, graphic artist, and iconographer ... Read More
Jacques Hnizdovsky
Ukrainian-American painter, printmaker, sculptor, illustrator and lettering designer ... Read More
Fedir Nirod
Outstanding Ukranian set designer ... Read More
Ivan Ivanec
Painter, graphic artist, art critic ... Read More
Oleksandr Savchenko-Bilsky
Graphic artist, painter, iconographer ... Read More
Luboslav Hutsaliuc
Painter, graphic artist, and cari­caturist ... Read More
Hanna Sobachko-Shostak
Master of primitive art and folk decorative painting ... Read More
Leo Mol
Ukrainian Canadian stained glass artist and sculptor ... Read More
Grigoriy Sokolovsky
He taught painting and drawing art in Odessa Arts Institute (1930-1942) ... Read More
Viktor Palmov
Russian-Ukrainian painter and avant-garde artist ... Read More
Painter, graphic artist, designer ... Read More
Olexandr Murashko
Ukrainian painter ... Read More
Issachar Ber Ryback
Contemporary of the Jewish-Russian artists Natan Altman, Boris Aronson and Marc Chagall who worked with handing down the Jewish tradion ... Read More
Yuriy Kozak
Painter, illustrator, designer, sculptor, mosaicist ... Read More
Viktor Cymbal
Painter, graphic and advertising artist, theatre designer ... Read More
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